Exhibition at KIT (Kunst im Tunnel) Düsseldorf, 2 November 2019–26 January 2020

Artists: Nikos Aslanidis, Maria Capelo, Béatrice Dreux, Eiko Gröschl, Nona Inescu, Ida Lindgren, Catherine Mulligan, Katrina Neiburga, Liesbeth Piena, Natascha Schmitten, and Rubica von Streng. Curated by Jurriaan Benschop.

In a world full of conflicting interests and beliefs, how do artists root themselves? Where do they find their sense of direction? These questions underlie the exhibition Taking Root. The assumption is that the eleven artists presented here did find some roots. They have developed a focus in their practice and in their interests, and that is what gives their work depth.

Taking Root brings together the work of eleven artists. They have displayed an interest in grounding themselves in the present through finding anchor points in tradition, their biography or visual environment. They do not usually find their artistic incentives in the daily news or politics. Their knowledge is more indirect, coming from stones, walks, landscapes, icons, childhood memories – from all possible sources.

Exhibition Views

Video Interviews

Exhibition Taking Root at KIT Düsseldorf, interviews with participating artists, conducted by curator Jurriaan Benschop. Interviews in either English or German

In order of appearance: Jurriaan Benschop (introduction), Nikos Aslanidis (4’57), Catherine Mulligan (7’53), Liesbeth Piena (11’35), Rubica von Streng (16’05), Beatrice Dreux (19’35), Eiko Gröschl (22’55), Natascha Schmitten (27’12), Maria Capelo (31’58).

Recorded at Kunst im Tunnel (KIT) Düsseldorf, Germany on 2 November 2019.