Participating artists: Nikos Aslanidis, Mark Manders, Luisa Kasalycki, Ida Lingren, Michael Markwick, Monika Sonoswska, Milena Dragicevic, Tessa Verder, Maria Capelo, Agnieszka Polska & Witek Orski, Pauline Curnier Jardin.

A group exhibition in Box Freiraum, Berlin curated by Jurriaan Benschop
September – December 2017

There are many ways of feeling ‘home’ or to define your roots. This group exhibition follows up on ‘As If, At Home’ (Box Freiraum, 2016). Both exhibitions collected art works and viewpoints from different regions of Europe, in times of migration and rising nationalism.

The exhibition shows that Europe is so much more than headlines in the papers. Twelve artists from different backgrounds – in implicit or explicit ways – engage with notions of origin, memory and identity. It contains voices from the ‘centre’ but also showcases works of artist who work in regions of Europe that are less in the public spotlight.

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