Salt in the Wound. Encountering Contemporary Artists across Europe, Garret Publications, Helsinki 2019. You can order this book through sending an e-mail to my local bookstore in Berlin Uslar und Rai (free shipping within Germany). In the US you can order through amazon

Content is a Glimpse exhibition catalog, Fiona Rae, Mark Lammert, Jorge Queiroz, David Schutter, Anna Tuori, Efremidis Gallery, Berlin, 2019, curated by Jurriaan Benschop.

Rock Solid Vivid’ essay in: Maria Capelo. The Things of the World are Rock, Galerias Muncipais, Lisbon, 2019.

‘The World in a Glass’ essay in: René Wirths, Liquids, Galerie Haas Zürich, 2019.

Bernard Frize, Seven Colors,  Istanbul, 2018

Jonas Wood, Shio Kusaka, Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar, 2018.

Reluctance to Reveal. A Conversation with David Schutter, Berlin, Aurel Scheibler Gallery, 2017.

‘Double Touch’ essay in: Anna Tuori, Paintings, Helsinki, Garret Publications, 2017.

Francis Bacon, Graphic Work, Eindhoven (Lecturis), 2014.

Wonen tussen de anderen, a portrait of Berlin as an art city (Dutch), Amsterdam 2009

De berg van Cézanne essays on painting and photography (Dutch), Amsterdam 2006.