Exhibition on Mourning in Stockholm

The exhibition ‘Sorgearbete’ in Stockholm gathers works that are created through grief. One of the seven participating artists, Jonas Dahlberg, made a monumental film about a small object, a music box that he found in the estate of his deceased father. There is no real storyline in his work, but the camera speaks in slow movement, offering a close look at an interior mechanism. The title of the exhibition points to the fact that there is work involved in the act of mourning. Some of the artists address the theme directly, for instance through filmed conversations with women reflecting on their mother’s death, in the case of Nadine Byrne’s work. Others, like Dahlberg make a symbolic detour. Looking at his contribution you could think about a certain pace and attention that is required, if you want to deal with personal loss. And about the importance of artefacts that people leave behind.

At Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm