Salt in the Wound. Encountering Contemporary Artists across Europe, Garret Publications, Helsinki 2019. Order online

Content is a Glimpse exhibition catalog, Fiona Rae, Mark Lammert, Jorge Queiroz, David Schutter, Anna Tuori, Efremidis Gallery, Berlin, 2019, curated by Jurriaan Benschop.

Reluctance to Reveal. A Conversation with David Schutter, Berlin, Aurel Scheibler Gallery, 2017.

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Wonen tussen de anderen, a portrait of Berlin as an art city (Dutch), Amsterdam 2009

De berg van Cézanne essays on painting and photography (Dutch), Amsterdam 2006.



Maria Capelo. The Things of the World are Rock, catalog of exhibition in Lisbon, Galerias Muncipais, 2019.

René Wirths, Liquids, catalog of exhibition in Zürich (Galerie Haas), 2019.

Bernard Frize, Seven Colors, exhibition catalog, Istanbul, 2018

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